: Called regarding solenoid

89 D'elegance
04-26-05, 05:00 PM
Called a transmission shop and told them that on occasion when I go to stop my 89 d'Elegance seems as though it wants to stall, it was possibly a solenoid, his reply oh well you cant fix those trannies, you either have to flush the system or rebuild the transmission there is no other way to fix the problem. Two shops have told me this, I am not rebuiloding a tranny when it shifts and runs fine going highway speeds, this only happens when I start out or go to stop. These shops dont want to help unless you plan to spend $$ rebuilding or getting a new tranny installed. :banghead:

04-26-05, 06:09 PM
If you can change your oil - you can change the converter lockup solenoid. :thumbsup:

Drop the trans oil pan (5 quarts of ATF will spill out - messy job! :annoyed: ), remove the filter (make sure the old o-ring comes with it), remove the two bolts and two wires for the solenoid (check the supplied instructions, most have you snip the wires off of the old solenoid) and remove the solenoid (make sure the old o-ring comes with it).

Attach the wires, install the new solenoid, tighten the two bolts, replace the filter with a new one, install the pan with a new gasket, add new ATF.
For an hour of your time and $60 in parts, you have saved yourself from a trans rebuild and the :gun: unscrupulous tranny shop guys...

I got mine at Expressautoparts.com, but you should be able to find it locally at a good auto parts store.

04-26-05, 06:29 PM
Same transmition, different car, same idea.


Good luck,


04-27-05, 11:28 PM
Hey guys, I'm wondering: is there anything that might CAUSE a lockup solenoid to act up? I ask because I had it replaced about a month or two ago but lately when I'm slowing down, it feels like it's doing the same ol' thing again, lugging my engine down a bit when it shifts down. It feels like the brakes are grabbing but with the engine being pulled down (I think) it sure seems like that darned solenoid. So is there some underlying condition that you might know of?


89 D'elegance
04-28-05, 07:07 AM
that is what mine does only once in a while not always, does it hurt to drive it like this, seems like it will stall in the middle of the road.

04-28-05, 10:23 AM
The lockup solenoid is controlled by the computer. But also remember that the computer relies on inputs from sensors - there's a 4th gear sensor that tells the ECM when the trans is in 4th.

There's a diagnostic flow-chart in the service manual that covers the lockup circuit, and it should point-out the culprit.

And 89,
If you keep driving it, it'll put a lot of strain on the clutch packs and wear them rapidly - my relatively "fresh" fluid was brown and smelly by the time I got around to changing my solenoid - about 4 weeks of being lazy... (but it only "perma-locked" on me 7 or 8 times - I did mostly short in-town trips) - drive around in 3rd until you get yours changed, or better yet if you have the option, park it.

89 D'elegance
04-28-05, 06:38 PM
It has been parked but like driving it better than my 02 Durango, may get a bicycle with these gas prices..lol