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joe joyner
04-26-05, 01:07 PM
Cheers Apeman, i sent off for a book for a 81 deville coupe 8-6-4 and i cant wait for it to arive so im bugging you guys again for now anyway!! Thanks for your advice on "magic box" hot air door stuck. I looked for parts and was not surprised, none up here {northen ontario} Then it happend! last weekend as i was driving passed a near-by village! On the other side of a wooden fence-a 1981 coupe deville no rust!:worship: guy who owns it painted it a light NASTY copper colour and didnt like it so abanden her! He left all the chrome laying in trunk and back seat. It runs ok, but needs a cadlitic converter.
So i now have parts for my girl...So here it comes, i would like some advice if poss on the removal and replacment of a power antener for me radio? also how do i get the wire wheel hubs off this car? are they locked on? Also what do i need to do to stop the electrical system, or at least the lights from surging bright and dim when the engine is running, which is starting to get on me nerves? thanks for your time.
lucky joe

The Ape Man
04-26-05, 02:13 PM
Hi Joe,

Congratulations on finding another car. The power antenna is a real pain to change. Don't bother installing a cheap replacement unit. Try to use the original type. They still show up for sale. If you have access to a hydraulic lift then remove the RF tire and access plate in the wheelwell. You can work upside down and backwards and get the ant. changed. If you don't have a lift to use then remove the fender. Either way is no picnic. Check the antenna to make sure it works before buttoning the car up.
The hubcaps have a lock hidden under the crest emblem in the center. This comes of with a small screwdriver. There should be an L shaped tool in the glove box or near the spare that will fit the design of the head of the lock screw.
You need to check charging system Voltage to see why the headlamps are acting up. If the alternator's brushes are worn out then it might charge one second and not the next. There are other things which can also go wrong. :cool: