: 1999 Catera and Catera Parts For Sale

Fox's Recycling
10-15-13, 02:27 PM
I have a 1999 Catera for parts. If anyone needs any please let me know. I am in West Virginia.

10-15-13, 04:35 PM
Can you tell me if your seat heater switches are just standard buttons that either on or off, or are they the rheostat (1-5) type? Also may be looking for the T10 twist lock bases from the instrument cluster. Thanks!

Fox's Recycling
10-15-13, 05:46 PM
They are just normal on and off buttons. I have the instrument cluster out so I might have what you're wanting.

10-15-13, 06:01 PM
Thanks for the info on the switches. As for the others, I am looking for the larger twist lock bases, which should be yellow and there should be 6 of them I think. If they are in decent shape I'd be interested.

10-15-13, 07:13 PM
How is the tranny? miles?

Fox's Recycling
10-16-13, 03:50 PM
I'll look for you and see what I can find.

10-16-13, 06:28 PM
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Fox's Recycling
10-16-13, 10:54 PM
But im not a commercial business. Im a guy in west Virginia that is poor and trying to find a way to help other people by selling parts off the vehicles I junk so I can get diapers for my baby. If I have to pay for this just please delete me as a member.


I found the twist locks you need. Is there anyway I can send you a pic to see if you want them?

10-16-13, 11:09 PM
Yur mailbox full. How much for the trans and is it in the car to test?

Fox's Recycling
10-16-13, 11:15 PM
You'll have to come get it or we will have to figure out a way to ship it. It is in the car but the car doesn't run. It will be going to the crusher Monday. The motor messed up in it and I bought it to just junk it.

10-17-13, 10:10 AM
You can take a pic of them and email it to me. PM Me. I appreciate it. Thanks!

03-20-14, 08:01 AM

Wow!! Pic would wk... Need a lot of small stuff... Did I crush it?!!



Typos... Need pic's of a Catera to Salvage.., hell!!!! bulbs, seat warmer connection, engine caps, AC Caps, friggin buzz fuses, ash tray ... Lil junk, common as if you guys don't no!!! Speaker Covers, leather gear shift cow, should I go on!!!