View Full Version : Adaptors for the GM Class 2 Data Bus

04-25-05, 06:20 PM
Are there any adaptors available that would allow me to send or receive commands on the GM Class 2 Data Bus?

I'm looking to wire my SIRIUS unit up to my factory radio so that Artist and Song Title text can be sent from the SIRIUS tuner to the radio screen, while commands to change the channel can be sent from the radio to the SIRIUS tuner.

All of the adaptors that I've seen so far would only transmit music, not info text or commands. Heck, I'd almost be willing to buy some sort of adaptor that lets me program a chip to do the same thing (assuming there's a way for me to learn the Class 2 data bus language).

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


04-26-05, 07:56 PM
There is nothing out there that will allow you use the class 2 databus as of now. The CTS also uses the new CAN databus also. The radio uses serial data. I am not the computer code king so I cannot help you. If you knew how to interface it you would be rich. Many people have tried to reverse engineer GM's code but there is always tons of bugs. One company USA Spec has told me that they have a I Pod, Bluetooth and Aux in adapters but there past Gm products have all had problems with me. I would love to know how to crack the code but alas I am too stupid. :) I get phone calls everyday for XM in the CTS and the only thing I can offer is aftermarket with FM mods. Even the factory offers nothing after the fact. As far as Sirius, I don't think anything is being offered that is reliable. I even have access to GM's Dealerworld that is full of all the tech data they offer and they wont tell you anything. Good luck. If you figure it out I can get rich with you!


04-27-05, 12:07 AM
Hmm...not what I was hoping for. I do know that the CTS also uses the CAN databus, as my ScanTool (AutoEnginuity) uses that bus. Thanks for your information. That does help a bit.

Thanks for the good luck wishes...I'll make you rich if I get there first! ;)