: Head lights

04-24-05, 09:17 PM

When i first bought my car there was a big amount of sun oxadation on the headlights. my friends told me to said it slowly go up in grit as i was sanding then finally buff it with some head light restorer but that did not work out to good. now both of my head lights are allmost complete edched it looks like snow is on my head light when i wet the head light i comes clear but then drys the same white color. so i was wondering if any one knows how to fix such a problem and or i was thinking of just geting new plastics but i have yet to find a place that sells themif any one knws please let me know.:hmm:

04-24-05, 10:12 PM
Perhaps you were not patient during your sanding process. You should sand the lens one way from top to bottom of the headlight and you can start with 320 to take off most of the deeper scratches and then go up to about 1200-1500, remember to apply water constantly while sanding(wet sanding). Finally, you will need some kind of disc foam padded polisher or buffer, you can use 3M's rubbing compound as the polish to create a crystal finish and remove the sanding marks left on the lens. Attach the foam padded disc to a hand drill and with the rubbing compound polish the lens one section at a time. Good luck.