: What about this & who is the best..

04-24-05, 09:48 AM
4 months ago, I took my V on road trip, from Phoenix az, to Dallas, TX, on to Pensacola florida, then I-10 all the back to Arizona. Was fun ride, minus the ridicule of a bs attempt to ticket me.. uhhhg. different story on that one.

Anyway, V got a few dings, nothing bad really, no deep dings like car door clashes, but mostly rocks, sand blasted somewhat from storms, 18 wheelers throwing crap on the window, small crack, not bad though..

now this is the deal. its a 2005, insurance covers window crack, the GM paint sucked ass anyway, when i bought it brand new, on showroom floor it had only 18 miles on it. but the paint, i could certain areas that had that orange peel look, and kinda dimpled look like a golf ball, ya know what i mean?

I am thinking on re-painting the entire car from scratch, let them take off alot of layers. smooth that baby out real well.. i mean i want it prepped damn show quality, i'll pay the price, i know it is hard work, but they will get compensated well...

NOW, I live in Arizona, Humidity is none existent here, thats a plus for good pant layer..
WHAT IS THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD???? This is what i want, i want BLACK like it was, raven black color, but i WANT A KINDA of a PEARL & BLACK EFFECT? you following me?

If anone can lead me in the right direction, knows exactly what i am talking about, PLEASE! send me pics, names of colors, ppl that do the best show quality painting, and LINK LINK link, so i can research websites...

I know you guys out there know alot of ppl, and this is the best for me to expand my knowledge by asking you to share yours with me..
Som trust me guys.. I am always grateful for any help, no matter how small, or large..

THANX! guys.... Blitzer ;)

04-24-05, 10:20 AM
The best paints are what the factory uses, urethanes.. Problem is they dont use much paint.. To get a flat finish, no orangepeel, requires sanding between coats. THis can be anywhere between 4-10 coates depending on how much money you want to spend. The result is a glass finish. Be prepared to spent a minimum of $5000 if you disassemble the car first.

Pearlescence, like the inside of a clamshell is what they used to call Flip flop. It has another name now. It looks cool in white. They use it on the white Lexus. Doing it on black is tricky and can only be done as a highlighter. Usually it has a gold tone or blue or red. The density of the color changes with the amount sprayed with the clearcoat.

DOnt bother with metallic black, you cant see it unless you look closeley.

THere may be someone else that can chime in on this as my knowledge on the pearl finishes is dated. I had it on my black CAmaro. Cool stuf on black if done right.

04-24-05, 04:57 PM
I can't chime in on the best paints, since it has been over 20 years since I painted a car. Back then it was DuPont Imron if you wanted to hassle with it...or lacquers if you had the time and patience for the prep work.

These days I don't know what the polyurethane du jour is.....but then as now, the best paint in the world would look like crap if it wasn't put on a well-prepped car by an expert auto painter.

Find the best custom paint shop, and you will usually find the best paint and prep materials.

BTW, you may already know, but even the best repaint in the world on a new car like the V will hurt your short term resale value. It may not matter to you, but I thought I would throw it out there.

Good luck.

04-24-05, 05:22 PM
I would check out house of kolor(http://www.houseofkolor.com). Maaco(http://www.maacco.com). Also check out your local reputable painters.

04-24-05, 05:48 PM
thanx lastss...

yeah i had a black z28,1969,with some kid of pearl in it, looked awesome especially at night going under hiway street lights, would change to kinda bluish, redish and sorta camillion rainbow effect.. had great depth as well... damn i wish i knew what it was called. The friend that painted that Z28 for me died in 1990, he also had a 68 RS Camaro, was damn nice, factory restored all the way, burnt orange with race stripes hood & trunk lid, hide away headlights.. was damn cherry vintage camaro, plus i really miss my friend, he was a good guy and taught me alot, just about everything i know about engines.. taught me my first overhaul, bored out cylinders added sleeves, oversized cranks, making sure main caps were original with engine, brass freeze plugs, taught me cam lift versus pistons/size compression, compatible with heads/lifters, knotched pistons... and so on..
sorry for rambling, but a guy that was so talented in building hi-performance engines, and tearing down vintage street machines, and what he loves the most killed him, his 1968 Camaro Rs, factory hide away headlights and 4 speed rockcrusher tranny, too much to list.. and the damn seat belt harness broke his neck, freakish accident.. weird huh..

oh welll...

later blitzer

04-24-05, 08:11 PM
I would check out house of kolor(http://www.houseofkolor.com). Maaco(http://www.maacco.com). Also check out your local reputable painters.

Maaco?! How 'bout Earl Scheib?

04-24-05, 09:33 PM
House of Kolor :worship: Just for the color chart is worth checking them out.

04-24-05, 09:40 PM
:2thumbs: House of Kolor, very cool.

:cookoo: Maaco, might as well use a roller.