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10-11-13, 05:24 AM
Hi guys ! I do not post often to the forum but I was going to try and sell my stock wheels & tires off my 09 sedan . I've made a post but I do not see it when I look in the classifieds so I'm not sure if I'm doing it correct . The tires are Michellin pilot sports & have 80 to 85% tread left maybe better . I do know how much they cost new but not sure what people are asking for stock rims & tires on the forum . The rims are in good shape , the front rims have slight curb rash . Any help would be awesome , thanks

the blur
10-11-13, 06:31 PM
Where and how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

10-13-13, 02:24 AM
Send me a message or text me @ 206-999-7015 Dave

Seattle area , make me a offer , you pay to ship