: Where is the best place to mount tweeters in a 95 Seville.

04-24-05, 01:41 AM
Ok, I have SOOOOO had it with the crappy high range of the bose system. I have aftermarket tweeters in the door along with the standard speakers, but it is so far below my ears I can't hear it. Where is the best place to mount them with minimal modifaction? The black plastic things that cover the mirror bolt seem to be the best place. I don't want to do alot of hacking, but I want them out of sight too. Some people would reccomend a whole new audio system, but that is not an option right now. Besides, I don't mind the bass and midrange part of the Bose, but the highs are terrible. Thanks in advance.

Jason 95 Seville SLS.

04-30-05, 05:48 AM
There are two options for twetters in a 95 seville,the mirror post is the best,it provides the best sound stage as far as imageing,the top of the dash in the next best location.I would flush mount them if you use any of the two options,but remember to bypass the ones in the doors to get the best in sound quality ans imageing.remember twetters are directional sound,so be careful in the placement or the sound stage will be messed up for sure.If you dont know the sound stage is what your ears precive as left ,right,and center.ideally this should be easy to hear,but the wrong speaker placement can really mess this up.also there are sevral types of tweeters ,slik dome,hard dome,etc.i would go for hard dome if you listen to rock,pop,or rap and slik dome for jazz,cassical etc,Tweeters can easly over power a system,[too much high end]so one again do some research and in the end pick what you like,its your ride and it reflects you,good luck and keep us posted.

04-30-05, 01:03 PM
Thanks for the reply. I don't have any tweeters that would fit in the mirror post and I didn't really feel like hacking up my dash. I put some really good tweeters I salvaged out of some Olson stereo speakers and I put them in with the front Bose speakers. I angled them so they criscross the cab, where the driver is hearing the passenger speaker and the passenger is hearing the drivers speaker. It works well enough for now until I can get some flatter tweeters to go in the mirror post. Again thanks for the reply.

05-01-05, 02:06 PM
If you ask any reputable stereo installer they'll usually say the best way to get true stereo imaging is to make custom kickpods for your car, but if you have one of those floor ebreaks then you're kinda SOL like me:(

Try to find a place where the left and right tweeters are about the same distance from your listening position(not behind you!), that's where your speakers should go.

05-02-05, 07:07 PM
I though about mounting it in behind where the side mirrors attach.
Or the dash...