: Mobil 1 Oil Specs

Rich H
04-23-05, 06:54 PM
Oil specs are getting complicated. :bonkers:

Bought some Mobil 1 5W30 today in the 5 qt jug. When I got home I noticed the specs had changed from the previous purchase a month or two ago. Both meet the Owner's Manual rqmt for GM Standard GM 4718M. But the other specs have changes as follows:

NEW: API SM,SL/CF, ILSAC GF-4 (also meets GM 6094M standard)

Also noticed the extended life version (15,000 miles or 1 yr) of the 5W30 on the shelf but I didn't buy it because I always change my oil at <5,000 miles.

Anyone else notice the above change? I assume it's ok to mix the oils as long as they meet the GM 4718M standard.

04-23-05, 07:08 PM
I have been using Mobil 1 since its inception on the commercial market. The specs have changed many times as technology and manufacturer standards change. I have never been disappointed. I appreciate the fact that Mobil 1 updates occur. It has always meant improvement. I expecially like their 0W30 for use during the winter. The car starts as though it were 80 degrees outside, when it is actually -8 degrees. Goooooood stuff.