: 19's...

04-22-05, 09:02 AM
whats the best tire combo out there. IM thinking 245 40 19 with ps2 on them. Avus 3 piece rim. they said the toyo would work and be like 700 cheaper. As far as the rim goes is there a better choice. MY 2 choices where hre and the avus. I baught the dupont registry and both rims are all over.:yup:

04-23-05, 08:42 PM
I was using Hancook 245 45 19's but wore them out pretty quick and they had decent grip. I just got a new set of BF Goodrich KDW 245 45 19's and they are STICKY. Would highly recommend these tires.

BTW I have 19 x 8.5 rims front and back.

04-23-05, 10:14 PM
LV, you have 245 35 19 tires

Bones: 245/40/19 is exactly stock height and PS2's are kick-a$$ tires!! Great choice.

04-24-05, 10:05 AM
thank you, that is what i was told. They said i would have no problems with the set up. They also guarantee the work. If im not happy with the looks they will take them off.

04-28-05, 03:36 PM
Shiet... Thanks Dreamin, sorry to anyone who saw my mistake :helpless: