: Oil misinformation

04-21-05, 09:11 PM
Just for the curious....I cruised over to the Bob is the Oil guy forum and posted some of my usual posts....and got banned. Apparently my version of the truth doesn't fit with the motives of the Amsoilmen and other snakeoil peddlers that own and sponsor that site. The fact that they would not take on my comments with any facts and simply turned off my password and banned me should speak volumes about their products and motives. Bop over there and read some of the comments by bbobynski on the different posts and see if you catch my drift....LOL...such as the parting comment from 59 Vetteman, site owner and Amsoil salesman just before he turned off my password....


Spread the word if anyone asks about the BITOG's forum motives and operation.

Not that I care the least about being able to post on that forum but just the fact that it is controlled by Amsoil and snakeoil peddlers under the guise of telling the "truth" about oil is BS.

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04-21-05, 09:29 PM
Wow is all I can say. Apparently they took it a step further & deleted the previous posts. I tried the link that you provided & got this:

Not Found
The requested URL /ubb/ultima...0561;p=1 was not found on this server.

That spoke volumes to me regarding their reputation/credibility right there. I guess this case is closed.

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04-21-05, 09:31 PM
I wouldn't worry Bob. It's THEIR loss. At least WE know you are reputatable and your experience in the industry.

Screw them! :mad:

04-21-05, 09:39 PM
I have one word for Bob is the oil guy........


LOO..HOO...HOO..SER!!! :blasted::yup:

04-21-05, 09:59 PM
Been there a few times but they no longer have any credibility. Won't bother anymore nor will I advise anyone else to. Apparently Bobtheoilguy draws vacuum.

04-21-05, 10:28 PM
Lets see if i can fix the link:
http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=010561 (http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=010561#000006)

also, this was a good read:

04-21-05, 10:35 PM
Everyone here appreciates your honesty and expertise here. Why worry about spreading yourself so thin? Some people do not want to be "confused with the facts."

Don't even think about leaving us here.....OK? Your experience is valued, and by a lot more people than you ever realize.

04-21-05, 11:00 PM
Obviously the dude at BITOG is a mentally challenged phallus cranium who probably couldn't effectively locate his rectum with both hands, a map, and a flashlight. If somebody wants to pay $7 or more per quart of Amsoil when there is not one single shred of proof or even a claim that you will save that money in future repairs, there is a good old saying that applies quite well in this case: "A fool and his money are soon parted." If somebody did the old Folgers Crystals test where they "secretly replaced" the Amsoil with Empire State 10W-30 at 79 cents a quart, I'd bet real money none of them would ever know the difference, and they'd still go on raving about how it did wonders for their lawnmowers. Hell, I think even the Amsoil sticker will give you at least 30 HP and that stuff whitens your teeth! |3ULL$#1T!

Amsoil dealers are dealers because they're trying to make a buck. That's totally understandable. But at least they could pick a more respectable career choice, eh? Why not be a lawyer, or a used car salesman, or a telemarketer? At least pick a job where people would slow down if you were standing in the middle of the highway, SHEESH!

04-21-05, 11:03 PM
Hell, I think even the Amsoil sticker will give you at least 30 HP and that stuff whitens your teeth! |3ULL$#1T!It will?! Hey, Imma hafta git me some! :D

04-22-05, 12:26 AM
I've never felt better bout putting Mobile 1 in the old Northstar! :)

Keep up the good work bbob!

04-22-05, 12:37 AM

it was like you had a cross, garlic and holy water in the vampire's crypt!
they couldn't touch you so they justbooted you out the door LOL

04-22-05, 10:00 AM
Hey Bbob, I was really enjoying your commentary over there. In fact, I thought about jumping in and telling any caddy owners over there what a great asset this forum is. I'm sure glad I didn't ... LOL

I think this what did you in:

"Are you really that dumb or is it an act...???...LOL LOL"

This was in response to a poster who was pretending to ask a question but was really just spewing venom about GM quality.

It's a shame you never made it to the oil filter section. You'd have had loads of fun there!

04-22-05, 08:49 PM
Damned bbob, you got hammered down pretty quick over there......it sounds like they are vested in their opinions to the point of being defensive.