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04-21-05, 06:51 PM
Catera Wheels - Need a volunteer to find out if some 16x9.0 TSW wheels will fit on a Catera. As most aspiring Catera aftermarket wheel buyers have found out by now, Cateras, along with Saabs and some Saturns have a very rare stud pattern (PCD) of 5x110mm. I'd like to ship a complete single wheel & tire to someone who can tell me if they fit or not. I've got a 100 or so on the shelf.

Lucky candidate gets the chance to buy all 4 for $449 incl. s&h, or have it collected with a "Thank-you-for-your-trouble-fee of $50 . Last option is to see if we have anything else in stock (Big shipment coming from Germany next week) and give a $100 discount off any Catera wheel price on the website. Call 888 487 9669 or mail nigel@horbury.com


04-21-05, 07:00 PM
Hello; I find it pleasing that there are aftermarket options a-rising for the Catera but it is policy on this site for advertisers/companies as is yourself to be setup as a vendor- this allows you to advertise more in more ways than just making posts, see the info below: