: V versus (the old) M5

04-21-05, 03:40 PM
I drove the V and the old M5 (the new M5 will be faster but also around $100,000, so comparing the cars is not really fair). As to the difference between the V and the old M5, it always struck be to be a lot like the differnce between Germans and Americans. I am half German, speak the language, and spend time in German schools, so I have some sense of what I am speaking about. The V is more in your face, brasher, has more of a "let's go for it" feel. The old M5 is a great performing car, but in a kind of understated way. It is sort of let's go fast, but does so in an upper-crust kind of a way. The old M5 is a more refined car, more focus on luxury, somewhat better seats. On the whole to me the V was more fun, partly because of the higher torque. Just my two (or fewer ) bits.

Silver Baron
04-21-05, 07:41 PM
:yeah: :welcome:

04-22-05, 09:11 AM
Wilkommen! Ich arbeitz in der Schweiz fur zwei jahren, und drei jahren in London. And my german spelling and speech is now vorschiessen.

I had my M5 in Europe and the US. Your impressions are very correct on the personality of cars. Too many owners focus on magazine tests, and .1 of this or that.... kind of similar to finding a girlfriend or wife by comparing stats.

Cars have personalities... that is the reason why a 2005 Boxster S owner is smiling ear-to-ear after a jaunt throught the mountains, while some of you are picking through the back pages of Road & Track downplaying his car since it doesn't accelerate as fast as our dear V on the highway.

Yes, the V is more fun to drive. It asks to be drifted through corners where the M5 did not. WRT torque being a factor, the difference is what.... 30 or 40 ft/lbs? The gearing on the M5 probably delivers equivalent power to the pavement.