: First Impressions from La to Fl

04-21-05, 02:27 PM
Aright so I have had the V for about 3-4 days. We picked it up at Clements Caddie in Jackson MS, drove to New Orleans, and then home to Miami. The overall experience has been very positive. I cannot recomend Clement enough. Michael Smith was my sales person and the business manager. He was extremely easy to work with. He gave me a great deal--without specifics, a few grand under invoice. The Redline color is candy apple in the sun and a bit similar to maroon in the dark. The black interior is the way to go if you can find it (I found only 2 in the SE US when I bought mine). Find the overall feelings about the car below--


1. The power of the car is awsome. I drive my dad's M3 all the time. The fun factor of the V is as high if not higher than an M3. The torque does take a second to really kick in , but once it does VROOM.

2. The Corsa is really a marvul. It sounds exactl like you would want--throaty--at higher revs, while almost stock at idle.

3. My wife has a V8 Touareg and the gas mileage sucks. The mileage on my car averaged almost 17 through the first long drive home. I consdier this to be great.

4. The breaks are stellar. You nail those puppies and get ready to hold on.

5. Hands down the most comphy seats I have ever been in.

6. The stereo quality really is not as bad as people make it sound. Play with the settings a bit and it is respectable. This is coming from a person who used to have 4 sets of ADS 6.5 inch separates, 2 JL 10's and about 1000 watts of Soundstream amps in my last car.


1. Gas range is terrible. Anything below 300 miles is annoying. It's sorta crazy that gas mileage is good, but the range is annoyingly low.

2. The nav is great as far as getting you from point a to point b. However, some of the set up things are really annoying. My wife's VW has the ability to scroll through all menus from any screen. In the V if you have the nav screen on, you gotta hit the CD button just to change songs. Minor, but annmoying. Also, if you need to change the desitnation on the nav while anther one was already in there and actively used, you have to like stop and re-set the nav to put in the new address to be calculated. Again, minor but annoying.

3. Call it a negative or a positive, but this thing attracts a lot of attention. Everywhere I get gas, I have at least one person approach. Every time I passed cops on the freeway they looked.

4. AS I posted before, cheap-o key fob is annoying.

5. Similar to the above nav issues...you gotta hit too many buttons to get from screen to screen. In most cars--minus BMW's idrive--with the touch of a button you can go from point A to B on the info screens. With the V you have to twist that knob on the right, hit that button on the left, bla bla bla. Primary to this point is the rediculousness called no volume buttons on the steering wheel!

So those are the basics are there. My negatives are really minutia, but in the world of luxury cars, they are things that should be fixed. I expect some of these problems on a $12k focus or civic, but not on a luxury car. I had some corsa issues on the way home that have been solved. One of the Clasps was not secured properly. The result is that for about 1/2 my ride home I was running pipes like right off the headers. Let me tell you it is loud! The wifey came home with a migraine and I was just praying it wasn't gonna stay that way after it was fixed. The clear bra is a must...but you also must get a CUSTOM job. The kits suck. My installer has become a personal friend and after seeing the kit he just did a new freehand hood covering. This was bc the kit hood clear bra piece is WAY TOO SMALL. I got 1 nick on the way home and the kit wouldn't have even covered it. As far as the clear bra goes, get is ASAP. Otherwise, when you put the clear bra on, any nicks are exagerated. My installer recomended the use of painter's tape and it worked great (even with the cruise set on 100 MPH)--no residue, but some protection. I'll submit some pictures soon. If you need a clear bra installer or a awsome detailer, email me bc I got the best in South Florida. These guys do work for Champion, The Collection, Braman, etc...

04-21-05, 07:07 PM
Congrats on the purchase. I'm really nuts about the V myself.

As far as the range - I suppose you have a sacrifice no matter what you do. You can put a larger tank on it and end up with less trunk or interior space, etc etc. I can't imagine there's a whole lot of room under that car for anything other than what it has, in terms of capacity.

What's the issue with the key fob? It it just the standard issue GM/Lear deal that they use on everything from Saturns to Vette's?

04-21-05, 07:13 PM
Do the Collection?

Are your talking about the guys at Countach?

04-21-05, 07:37 PM
As far as the key fob goes, look at my other posts. I just have an inherent problem with having a Monte Carlo and a 50k V with the same chincy key fob. Countach does the body work for those dealers. This guy does all the paint protection/clear bra and window tinting for those dealerships. Go to www.autosupershield.com and you can see the info....