: Cooling fan "on" temp?

04-20-05, 10:07 PM
Hey Guys,

Great forum. I've learned more about my 95' Eldo than I wanted too. As Bbob says, this leads to hypochondria. Anyway, my cooling fans don't kick on until around 235 degrees. I have read many threads that say 225 is the norm. What controls this? I am a little squeamish because it has an $$out of the crate$$ N* in it. It also has a tiny oil leak. You'd think a new engine would be tight. I think the dealer likes my money too much.


04-21-05, 11:35 AM
I would think the fans are controlled by the PCM with input from the tempurature sensor.

04-21-05, 12:54 PM
My 97 Deville turns on the 1st stage fan at 220 deg F. Not sure when the 2nd stage fan comes on at. 235 seems a little high for your fans to kick on at.