: Cadillac Hot Rodders!

Ultra Slow
10-17-03, 07:23 AM
Looking to meet any other cadillac hot rodders!


My Home Page (http://www.mcsmk8.com/cadillacs/mycads.htm)

10-17-03, 10:25 AM
wow, how did you get 287 fwhp? stock is like 225 isn't it? 13.63@106? is this track or g-tech? g-tech usually tells you your going faster than you are. and 164 mph??? geez, even with a limiter of 150 ive heard that not all sevilles can do 150.

whats this Re-tuned Delphi ECM? must be one heck of a chip, im not calling bs or anything, but let us in on your secrets! other sts owners with intake/exhaust/bored out tb are in the low to mid 14's, your in the mid/high 13's.

nice caddy's, is the sts black on black? :D

10-17-03, 11:21 AM
Who tuned your ECM and can they do it to a 98 up N* ?
A time slip would be nice to see tooooo. My best run was a 14.7