: Nitrous?

04-20-05, 03:19 PM
Has anyone ever put Nitrous on their Northstar 4.6? I have a 96 Eldorado and want to know what nitrous would do for the "off the line" bang performance. The car has great acceleration, but getting beat by these little jap racers with their tweaked out 4 cylinders in very annoying. I'd like that extra umph to get them in my rear view mirror.:lildevil:

04-24-05, 10:22 AM
The thing with nitrous is, you shouldnt really b hitting it off the line. I know these things have a horrible launch, im struggling with it myself. But i think the only thing u can really do is change your stall speed. Which will make your car less fun to cruise around in, but very effective. Or put it on a 1000lb diet, that should do something.

04-24-05, 10:36 AM
I have a higher stall converter in my car and it really doesnt make crusing or anything like that worse than it was when stock...

2400 stock and i have a 3000 now, and its fine.....

I dont think id use nitrous on the northstar and if you did id only use a 75 shot max..... Youd definitely need some sticky rubber for the front.....

First thing is you may need to look into is making sure your caddy is in the best shape it can be and its running at top performance......

04-24-05, 11:04 AM
Did U notice a lot of diff in the launch with the new converter? I figured it would b rev happy while cruisin?

04-24-05, 11:31 AM
First of all... I have a rebuilt TC and I think its a pile of garbage. Eventually im going to go to a billet.. The basic difference is that the rebuilt ones are a stock converter and rigged to achieve a higher stall.. Not reliable.. The billets are custom made from the ground up and will provide much longer, reliable and efficient transfer of power.....

Lets put it this way.. In my Q45, i went from not hardly being able to spin the tires to really being able to spin em... Still not like a muscle car but a significant difference... It revved faster, because instead of having to go from 2400 to the redline, it only had to go from 3000 to the redline....

In essence, it transformed the car, it made it fast where it was slow and didnt really have any side effects.. I can still take off with ease and smoothness.. Someone explained it like having an unlimited number of gear ratios below the stall speed.....

For instance, if you shift from 1-2 at 2k RPM, with the high stall it will just go up to 2000 and stay there, instead of revving up there... Still just as smooth... Not jumpy at all..

Further reading: http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread?id=101687

04-25-05, 06:47 AM
Thanks for the advice. Now if you could just tell me how to change the stall speed? I guess my mechanical knowledge, or lack there of is really showing through. *lol*

04-25-05, 06:49 AM
Thanks Elwesso! I just went to that link, very informative. Now I just need to find a good mechanic I can trust.

04-25-05, 08:31 AM
where would one go about getting a higher speed converter for these cars?

04-25-05, 12:28 PM
Yank Converters is probably the best place to go http://www.converter.cc/home.htm . As far as I know, they are one of the only companies that can make them for the 4T80E. If you call them up, they can tell you what they have available, and what they can do.

04-25-05, 12:35 PM
Thanks danbuc. I appreciate it.

04-25-05, 04:32 PM

A lot of people have been telling me the precision industries are the best.. at least among my import crowd.. Apparently most the high HP supra guys go with these...

PRetty competitive, for the Q45 the TC is only $800, and most other places its $1100 and up...

Id recommend about a 3000-3500.....

04-25-05, 04:35 PM
If you call up the people they will tell you whats best... describe what you want out of the car and theyll tell you.

04-25-05, 05:00 PM
Ok, nitrous for off the line? Not gonna help. If you spray off the line, you will almost certainly blow the motor. I know from experience. Spray after 3500 rpms, anyhting less will backfire. I did my eldo's motor with a low speed spray. Burned hand, so cant go into it as much. Check about a year and a half ago for mitrous northstar threads. The ones where I went into all my nitrous issues and fun. NO2 worksd, but its an upper end, not a low end gain.

04-25-05, 05:02 PM
Yeah you definitely dont want to hit it right off theline.....

All youll get is wheel spin.....

04-25-05, 05:23 PM
Not even that elweeso, it will shove too much no2 in, and it'll backfire. I did that on mine once. The MAF went through the air filter.

04-25-05, 10:38 PM
oh my spirits! Ithink thats the problem with the wet setup you had... The fuel could pool down there and cause that to happen..... If you use a dry setup (which is what Im running on my Q45) that is much less backfire prone.....

I really dont like the kind that just increase fuel pressure because that can cause bad news with the rubber fuel lines..... The best kind is ones that modifies the injector open times like i have on my Q45.. but that requires a special ECU and i doubt anyone with the cadillac PCM makes one...

04-25-05, 11:45 PM
His system was a direct port system so the fuel was injected pretty close to the stock injector location. So if it can happen with a direct port system it can happen with a dry system as well.

04-26-05, 03:40 PM
Yup, and the system I had is also less prone to runnign lean, since you're shoving air and fuel in together.