: bearing noise

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04-19-05, 12:35 AM
just wondering how hard it is to change the rear wheel bearings on my 1993 FWB?

04-19-05, 12:45 AM
Depends on how comfortable you are at taking the rear axles out the car. Once the axle is out you get a slide hammer and bang the bearing out and then you have to get the new one in and reassemble.

Not "hard" per se, but it depends on your technical ability. I can do it around 1-2 hours, depending on how hard it is to get the bearing out. Autozone rents the bearing puller/slide hammer for around $200 (deposit, which you get back when you bring it back)

No, you cannot do it without the bearing puller/slide hammer.

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04-19-05, 08:35 PM
thanks alot NODIH

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04-19-05, 08:37 PM
are the rearends in the 1993 FWB the same as the ones in the 1990-1992 broughams?do the axels themselves ever wear out?

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04-28-05, 12:20 PM
nobody knows????

04-28-05, 05:13 PM
I haven't seen one. My 96 Suburban has basically the same rear end and I had to swap an axle seal when I bought it and at 200K miles it looked fine

04-28-05, 05:29 PM
Can't say for sure if the rear ends are the same for 92-93, Hollander interchange would be the source for that. 90-92 had the ABS sensor mounted on the nose of the pinion, as it is a 3-channel system. If your 93 has the same set up, then it's likely the same. Be advised that the axle shafts from a 90 will have 1/2" lug studs, while 91-up are 12MM.

The bearings ride on the axle shaft, and do often wear a groove in the axle. There are "repair bearing" kits available, which offsets the bearing to ride on a different part of the axle. I have never had good luck with these, as the seal rides on a different spot too, and in the case of my 92, that part of the axle wasn't machined, and the seal started to leak a week after replacement. - Your mileage may vary :)

There was a thread on one of the Impala forums about the use of the proper diff pan gasket. The wrong gasket can block the holes that feed lubrication to the axle bearings. They claim that the factory had unknowingly used the wrong gasket between mid-90 to 96, and almost every Impala/Caprice/Roadmaster/Fleetwood suffered bearing failure before 100K mi.

That's just something I read, and do not offer it as gospel, but my 92 chewed the bearings and axles at 75K...

04-29-05, 08:57 AM
Sorry, never saw this thread. Have done axles in these cars ZILLIONS of times. IMO, 9 times out of 10, the axle will need to be replaced when the bearing(s) go. I agree the "repair" bearings suck. Tried them a couple times, never had any luck with them though.
As for replacing the axle(s), all you need is a good puller for the bearing(s). You'll also need to decide whether you intend to install new lugs bolts or swap the old ones between the axles. If you use the old ones, be careful getting them out of the old axles, very easy to bugger-up the threads on the ends. I've done them so many times that I usually pop them out with one good shot from a sledge or dead-blow ball peen hammer but you should take extra care to preserve the threads.
I'd also recommend flushing the housing. There's usually quite a bit of metallic debris in the housing after a bearing failure. It usually accumulates in the axle tubes and can only be removed with a rag, solvent and a stick. Make sure to look in there with a light. You need to treat the tube like a gun barrel. Swab it until it comes up clean on a rag. the pumpkin is also a place where debris will accumulate but it's real easy to clean it out. When reassembling, DO NOT grease the new bearings or axle shaft. I've seen many guys do this and it will only hurt the bearings and axle since it does not melt in the gear lube abd therefore restricts flow of the lube through the bearings. As for the cover gasket, I never use one. I only use RTV.

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05-02-05, 02:11 AM
did the bearings and axels thanks for all your help everyone