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04-18-05, 10:46 PM
this time it was a MB SLK350 that was spankin new with 'biff' behind the wheel. Saw him ahead of me and thought it was an AMG model, but lo, it wasnt to be. Anyway, 'biff' and I are 1 and 2 at the light, me behind him and the light goes green...biff stuffs it and makes a play for distance...I roll into it with the Corsa announcing the loud pedal has just been toggled and catch biff without much fanfare. Heres the best part....country road...only us and the bugs, I dump it to 3rd, stuff it and pass him like he was riding a bike...the look on his face was priceless. He looked like Racer X hangin on to the wheel trying to hope the HP out of his MB. It was almost too easy. Not even a thumbs up or tip of the hat.... This car is the shizzle. :kick:


Dave's V
04-18-05, 10:47 PM
Nice kill Florian.

04-18-05, 10:50 PM
haha, awsome..

04-18-05, 11:10 PM
Another V kill! I love it!

04-19-05, 12:30 AM
Thanx, haven't had a kill story for awhile!!!!

04-19-05, 01:39 PM
I had a fun experience a few weeks back. I was at one of those three lane intersection, that goes down to 2 lanes a little ways beyond. I was in the far right lane (the one that oges away further up), behind an older mustang GT late 80's early 90's. Next to the mustang was a riced out Hundai Tiburon. light goes green, and they pull out slow. The mustang starts toying with the Hundai, who's not biting (must know his limitations, good for him). The mustang finally decides to just blast away, and move into the lane in front of him. I then proceed to suck his doors off passing on the right.

His expression was priceless:

"I just whomped that ricer POS :bouncy:"


"I just got my a$$ handed to me :holycrap: DAMN IT :annoyed: was that a cadillac? :confused: YUP :jawdrop:"

I love this car.


04-19-05, 02:14 PM
That rocks!