: Shift Position Switch & Rear axle speed sensor, "O" rings??

04-18-05, 07:12 PM
The "O" ring on the transmission "shift position switch", it attaches directly to the side of the transmission, seems to be failing. It's slowly leaking oil.

Also, the Rear "wheels speed sensors" seem to be leaking too. The whole rear axle housing cover is mucked up with oil!!

The repair manual shows the procedure to remove them.., but it doesn't say where are the "O" rings. Do they come already mounted in the shift switch and sensors? Can I buy them separately?

Also, does the tansmission possition switch/lever need a cover? Can I spray degreaser on all of these parts to clean them up for further inspection?

04-20-05, 03:59 PM
Aaaah!!! Now I realize how much sense I was making.. :helpless: !!

The rear axle speed sensors are mounted on the rear axle differential cover, but they do not go inside the box! They stay outside, on the left & right side of the cover scanning the "sprocket" like grooves on the axles to gauge the speed.

The Shift switch on the transmission comes out without the shaft! There's another nut that holds the shaft once the switch is removed! Once both the switch & the shaft are removed you can reach the shaft oil seal!

This means that the differential leak is probably comming from the axles!! :banghead: !!

I shouldn't have expected it any easier!! I got a super leaking lemonade!! Differential, Tansmission & Valve covers!!

Good thing my mother lent me my old '89 Maxima! Vrooomm what a pick up this car has!!