View Full Version : Rear End ??? (Comments)

04-18-05, 11:44 AM
After reading every day about all the rear end problems of our cars I have a couple of questions for you guys. I have planned all along to keep my V for a very long time. I really enjoy the car and knock on wood have not had any rear end problems. I do plan to take the car that extra step as far as a Magnacharger or H/C though. I really don't think Cadillac is going to do anything for us for a solution to the rear end, especially alll of us that have added ......exhaust, intakes and suspension. My first question is this. Do you think someone will come up with a solution to our problem, Lingenfelter, DTE.......somebody??? Do you believe that the aluminum Getrag will be capable of handling the extra power with there modifications??? These will be points to ponder for me the next few months. If there isn't a resolution to the problem then I think my V will be going up for sell. I've always wanted a vette (dream car) and maybe that Platinum C6 will look good in the garage.


04-18-05, 12:07 PM
i'm happy with the car and can't see myself in anything else that's out there (that's under 100K).
i don't think GMs gonna do a damn thing about the diff....so my plan is to see what aftermarket fix there is (read: cast iron) and pay for the fix myself :)

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