: Problems hookin up with stock V...

04-18-05, 01:51 AM
This may be an old subject but im new here so I get a free dumb question pass...

My question is 2 fold:

I know about the wheel hop problems with the V, but what kind of improvement does the upgraded shocks give? Im thinking of having my dealer install them but they want $1900 to do so and I do not want to spend that kind of money unless they make a noticeable difference.

My other question is does anyone have problems hooking up in 2nd or 3rd gear for that matter? My tires spin thru 2nd and pretty much thru 3rd and im wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Other than the Corsa exhaust, im totally stock.

04-18-05, 02:02 AM
$1900 - you're getting ripped! Way too much...try a search, but I think far less than that installed on many accounts.

The FG2 does seem to help the wheel hop, as does swapping out the runflats...

Hooking up in 1st, 2nd or 3rd? No, not me :sneaky:

04-18-05, 02:12 AM
Thanks Wild! Figured $1900 was a little steep but had to check just to make sure.

04-18-05, 07:27 AM
3rd is still a problem with FG2. The FG2s are road course shocks, not drag shocks.

04-18-05, 08:48 AM
I did a launch with Danny's car with the FG2s, and the hop was insane.

As Stealth said, these shocks are to improve the handling and cornering of the car, they will not improve the ability to launch.

You will need some type of system to help you there. if you are just spinning during hard shifts, count your blessings, our car was leaving the ground on aggressive shifts, thus my motivation to fix the "Hop".

Also, there definitely seems to be a direct correlation with the F1s and wheel hop as well.