: Rejex'd the whole d@mn V!

04-17-05, 08:09 PM
Well, it took a few hours, and a few more beers, but I got the entire V Rejex'd over the weekend.

Aside from the body, I took each wheel off and polished the outside AND inside of the rim - looks brand frickin' new...oh wait, it is!

Love the "oily", slick feel. This product was very easy to apply and buff off, and didn't leave near the white powder residue as with other waxes.

Time will tell if this was a worthy investment of valuable weekend time and Boulevard Wheat brews...

Dave's V
04-17-05, 08:27 PM
Yep! From the "distance" it looks like it was worth it.

04-17-05, 08:39 PM
Looks awesome! Now just remove that front plate mount.

04-17-05, 08:54 PM
I did the same thing last weekend, except I didn't take my tires off. Yup, love REJEX.

04-18-05, 11:12 AM
I did the same thing this weekend, although like Homer, I didn't take off the wheels. I also did all the windows. I'm interested to see how that works during the first rain.

BTW, prior to going to VIR, I had time to completely REJEX two of my rims. I did not see a big difference between my rims, after the track weekend. And NO, the brakedust did not just 'rinse' off with water, on the REJEX'd ones.


04-18-05, 04:47 PM
My whole car was done Sat. night ( windows, painted metal, metal,rubber trim and plastic) to cure for 12 hours as required. Took it of Sun. morning. Have to say that it was effortless and did not leave the white residue on rubber or plastic, by far the easiest wax...ummm, protectant. Recommend using a buffer to apply and take off...it's the fastest. I noticed no uneven layers of protectant as you get with just one application of consumer wax. The shine is awesome, it's dummy proof'd! Easily maintained with detail spray. Love that slippery feeling!! This is my number one choice.BTW, I don't have the time to put on multiple coats of wax just to get the same satisfaction with one application of Rejex.

P.S. the wax and polish I used before was 3M proffesional.

04-19-05, 12:18 PM
Did I miss something when reading the directions? You put it on, and then wipped it off 12 hours later?


04-19-05, 12:45 PM
Also did the entire car Saturday morning, including wheel removal, WOW is that red deep!!!. The directions I read indicated that it needed to "cure" for 12 hours AFTER you wipe it off. Maybe I need glasses

04-19-05, 12:47 PM
Hey Chris, first, sorry about last Sunday... I thought you were coming, I asked about you and BUILDINGCTSAMG. It was good seeing so many V's together and we plan to do it again... I will definitly call you.

As for REJEX, did I read it wrong too? was I suppose to leave it on for 12 hours before taking it off?

04-19-05, 12:53 PM
i thought that the directions said to wait 12 hours before exposing to the elements....not waiting for the wipe-off. Now I'll have to check the bottle....I might have done it wrong and thus my lack of dramatic results.

04-19-05, 01:18 PM
Homer403 -- I saw MD,DC,VA meet thread too late (Monday morning) I guess I should turn the home computer on once in a while. I live in the Northern VA area and if you guys plan another meet, let me know, It would be interesting to see what mods other people have made to thier rides!

04-19-05, 01:33 PM
The way I understood the directions was to apply, let haze, buff off, then wait 12 hours out of the sunlight/elements.

I have yet to wash the car since the application, or see how it responds to rain, but we have heavy pollen in the air around here this time of year that leaves a nice green haze on the vehicle, and my California Duster lifts it off no problem.

I limited my application to the wheels, chrome, painted metal, and windows (except for windshield), but I assume it would affect porous black plastic trim much like regular wax - turning it white... not that there is much of that on the V though.

04-19-05, 01:57 PM
I Read Wrong......my Badddd!!!!!!

04-19-05, 02:12 PM
I Read Wrong......my Badddd!!!!!!

LOL. I wasn't trying to bash or anything.

I was just thinking that I spent all that time just to waste it because i didn't let it sit for 12 hours.

I'm glad I'm not going nuts.

On a positive note, I'm sure you coat was definately dry once you did remove it :D . This also lets us know that if we accidentaly miss a spot when removing the coat, that it should come off fairly easy later. Thanks for testing this for us! ;)


04-21-05, 12:59 AM
just rejexed myself today

uhm....let me restate that....I rejexed my whole car, sans vindows, today- WOW- looks great

gotta take my wheels off for the second coat

does a second coat help?:confused: