: 94 FWB Back to Normal!

04-17-05, 06:21 PM
After struggling to find out why my Service engine light is on, I finally found out why.

I kept getting code 48 telling me no signal from my MAF, or was it MAP? I thought I had the right plug, but I didnt. After searching through the factory service manual in circles, the index isnt the most useful thing, I was looking for MAF sensors, etc...I finally found the air cleaner page, I figured it may link me to something else, it did. It had a diagram, and showed me where the MAF sensor was, it was NOT the blue sensor at the top of the intake, but right BELOW the intake!! An un-plugged wire was staring at me in the face, of course I didnt see it, and apparently the mechanics didnt see it when they "Suppoedly" had to pull the air cleaner off to get to the power steering hoses. After fumbling a minute to get the damn thing in, tight spot, it clicks on and im ready to go. I get in, turn the key to run, clear the codes off. After that, I turn the ignition off and start her up, the SES light no longer came on! Yay! After this, I pull over into the grass and beging cleaning off all the old power steering fluid.

I used two cans of aerosol brake cleaner, for $2.00 bucks a can, it worked great! It had an extension on there that allowed you to spray, it worked great. Grime, gunk, stuff on componentry came off that had been on there before the power steering leak. I would spray it like it was a hose, nasty stuff would come off, after I used two cans under the engine, and in the engine, I took a garden hose with a nozel and cleaned it off, while i did this the engine was cool. I then took the hose and rinsed off the entire engine with it, after I was satisfied, I started the car up and drove it around the neighborhood for 10-20 minutes to dry up all of the water.

Once I got done with that, I took a rag and cleaned off all the excess dirt on the air cleaner and surronding air cleaning componentry, I took some Amoral dash wipes and started cleaning off a bunch of stuff, EXCEPT for the rubber hoses, so now my engine compartment is clean and shiny.

Best of all, the brake cleaner is NOT FLAMMABLE, and $2.00 bucks a can. There is a small brown patch of grass now, but under the hood looks good now, I just need to drive her through the car wash.