: 98' Catera Malfunction code

04-17-05, 02:53 PM
4/15/05 I purchased a 98' Catera one owner mint condition and only 36,000 miles. I drove it all day Friday and Saturday but, Sunday it took a few crank to start. So I took it to AdvancedAuto and ran a diagnostic and the code P0100 Mass It reads 'No fault Detected' and lower on the paper it read 'DTC pending(codes) P0100 MAF.VAF Circuit Malfuntion. It this somthing I can fix or should I take back to the dealer (who said everthing is okay) for them t o fix? They gave me and Autocheck readout and there was reported problem with VIN#.

After reading these owner of Catera...I feel stupid in getting one. Maybe I should takeit back...uh!

Thanks for any help or suggestion

04-17-05, 06:09 PM
First of all :welcome:

Check Engine light came on at the third day and you got P0100. That means Mass Air Sensor reading is out of specs. Before going ballistic just check the following;

Are the connectors secure?
Is the MAF cable close to the alternator and/or ignition cables?
How about your air filter? Is it clean?
Is there any vacuum leak after the MAF?

Once the code is set, it takes 3 trips to get the check engine light to go off, but the data stay in the memory for another 40 warm up cycles.

Lastly, these cars are fun to have if you like suspense. If not, get yourself an Accord and blend in the crowd.

Good luck :rolleyes2