View Full Version : 6 CD changer not working

04-17-05, 01:34 PM
Hello, I have a 99 STS. I inserted 6 CDs into the CD changer in the center console. it seems to have power but it isn't recognized as a "source" nor can I ejct the CDs. Any ideas? it does appear to have power to it, I can see a red light emitting from within.

Also, is there a way I can manually eject the CD magazine so I can atleast use my CD's?

Any thougths would be appreciated.


04-19-05, 08:17 AM
sounds like one of the cd trays are tuck.you might have to remove the cd changer from the arm rest and open up the outer cover to push one of the trays back to the cartridge before it will come out.

This happen to me once. Its one and a million thing unless the changer is getting old. As the cd changer was reading or changing to the next cd you hit a bump which sent the tray off balance which in terms means it off track. Very easy fix but the problem is that your gonna have to open alot of stuff prolly to get the changer out to be able to open it

I am pretty positive thats the problem cause if you have power to the cd changer nothing else but that would not let the radio reconize the changer plus it happen to me as I mentioned

04-19-05, 02:24 PM
thanks for the reply, I messed around with it the other day and did get the radio to see it as a source, but when I tried to use it it came back with an error.

It seems that it never tries to load a CD, but I guess I am not sure.

Do you or anyone know of an article somewhere that explains how to remove it from the arm-rest?

I appreciate any help