: '93-96 Fleetwood Trailer Hitch

04-17-05, 12:25 AM
Has anyone added a trailer hitch to their Fleetwood? Or does anyone know what brand of hitches are good?

I want a hidden hitch and it needs to be class III.


04-17-05, 12:28 AM
My FWB V4P has a Class 2 on it now, I am searching for a proper Class 3 or 4 that is acceptable for the 7000# towing capability.

I'll make a good deal on it when I pull it off. I have 2 draws 1 with a 1 7/8 ball and one with a 2in ball.


04-17-05, 07:18 AM
What are you pulling Saint. How about this one... (http://www.hitchesonline.com/cadillac_cl34_Fleet_Braughm_77-95.htm)

04-18-05, 12:03 PM
What are you pulling Saint. How about this one... (http://www.hitchesonline.com/cadillac_cl34_Fleet_Braughm_77-95.htm)

For now, I just want a bike rack that won't scratch my car. Summer is coming soon (the summer weather is here in SoCal already). And a hitch mounted one, looks like my best bet to keep the bike away from the car.

I also want to get a hitch mounted motorcycle platform, to take my obscure Italian Agrati-Garelli Monaco motorscooter to some scooter shows and score some prizes, after a 12 years spent searching for spare parts.

But a trailer toy of some kind (water or sand, I haven't decided) is in the planning stages.

It looks like a class IV is what I should get though.

Is this a 'hidden' hitch?