: Note to self: Check front end links tightness on the deck as well.

Motown Cad
09-28-13, 06:24 PM
I had a noise come back and seem to get worse after installing front sway bar. It was driving me crazy and I thought I may have bad upper a-arms, ball joint or front shocks. I check several times and broke down front assy's last week and tightened shocks even more. Still noise. Today I installed my rear sway bar and hotchkis directions said to make sure load is on rear when tightening. So I did. I wondered why it didn't say do the same for front. So when I was done I checked front again while it was in the air and looked and felt tight with rachet. Then I decided to check it loaded, and lo and behold I got 5-6 cranks more than in the air and voila....front end quiet. FINALLY:) I love my car again. It's like a lovers quarrel.

LS7 clutch next weekend!

V for victory
10-01-13, 12:18 AM
Yo Mo, did you ever install the FG2 shocks? if so, how are they? I probably should have kept them huh....LOL

Motown Cad
10-01-13, 07:07 AM
Didn't you sell your "V" on craigslist? What is your call sign on the "vette" forums? I was worried the shocks went bad, but they are good to go.