: Massey Cadillac - Orlando Florida

04-15-05, 01:46 AM
At first I was a big fan. They used to treat me really well. They all got kinda excited when I came in , they would show the new people the water/bubbler system I have in my trunk, they were fond of the fact that this little girl had a Cadillac Tattoo and truely gave me good service, great rental (Escalades) when I wasn't even old enough to rent a car from Enterprise. They would keep my car safely in their garage when I went of vacation and really we great.

Well, the last time I went there..............they have totally changed. I went for a 20 point safety inspection and to change my headlights. First of all I had an appointment as well and I was there at 7:30 ( when they open) At 12:30 pm when my car was ready I got my bill and a list of $900 dollars worth of things I "needed" for my car. To start off, they charged me $98 to change my headlights ( I have already purchased the bulbs at an earlier time.) Yes they may have flat rated it for 1 hour of labor. But when I origionally asked them about a pricve they said "don't worry, it's a quick liitle job and wont cost much". To me $98 costs a lot. They told me I need an oil filter - I had just got mine replaced 2 weeks prior. They said I needed a new oil valve gasket - nope just got mine fixed 1 week prior. When I asked about the 20 point saftey inspection ( oil level , belts etc.) They were like, "ummmmm, yeah I think so."

That is my experience. Anyone else?

04-15-05, 01:26 PM
That's a shame. My last name is Massey so if I ever buy new I want to buy from them so it will have my name on it.

04-15-05, 11:37 PM
I have a Massey Cadillac Emblem somewhere, if I find it do you want me to send it to you?

04-15-05, 11:43 PM
Found it! if ya send me a couple of bucks through paypal I 'll ship it to ya ......

Night Wolf
04-18-05, 03:48 PM
my 1993 DeVille was bought at Massey :)

05-14-05, 04:36 PM
There is a Massey Cadillac here in North Carolina, I don't think they are related, I know that there is a group of chain Cadillac Dealers with a name of Massey, but I took my 94 Concours there for a Water pump Replacement and they charged me 500.00 and didn't even check the hoses, so they failed on the next saturday and I had to pay a Firestone Tire Place 100.00 to replace them. I started back going to J.C. Harris Pontiac-Cadillac-Isuzu in Wilson, NC. 70.00 per hour but well worth it.
I carry the 81 Seville to Rippy Cadillac-Hummer in Wilmington, NC, as they specialize in 67-85 GM FWD Cars, and have a HUGE stock of NOS GM parts from that era.
Thanks, Dave.

10-19-05, 07:49 PM
I just bought my 2006 CTS there and after the usual haggling I got what I wanted. I have yet to have it in for service yet.

I have had my 93 Allante in there since I needed the AC Recharged and dealerships are one of the last places to get original refrigerant.

07-30-10, 01:21 PM
Massey Cadillac Orlando is owned or managed by the Sonic Automotive Group, which I think is out of Indiana. I've been dealing with their service department for about a year and I find it is generally good. Massey is also a Vogue Tyre dealer. The one thing they really need is a better location out on the interstate. The salesman are good but the sales manager and finance guys are typical. You can't believe what they tell you and even after the deal is done they try to come back and change it. Still, I would buy another car there. I understand David Maas, which is part of another automotive group, is trying to get a Cadillac dealership for northern Seminole County. That would be a lot closer to me.

05-13-11, 07:21 PM
I hope Massey is top notch because that's where I am headed this weekend to get my car checked!

11-01-14, 11:05 PM
I don’t usually like to post any type of poor service, it’s usually time consuming and most ineffective, however this time I will make the exception.

Several months ago I made an appointment to view a Cadillac SRX at Massey Cadillac in Orlando, Florida the afternoon before I spoke to both the internet sales person and floor sales Ash Ali that I was coming from out of town approximately 50 miles to view the auto and to tell me if there is anything I needed to know that was not outlined in the ad.

I was assured that everything was as outlined, great, after traveling close to one hour my wife and I arrived at the dealership, I mentioned to another salesperson that I have an appointment to see to Ali, he comes over and after introductions he proceeds to wander off aimlessly throughout the dealership, I looked over at my wife and stated “he does not have the car” after about ten minutes of watching “Stepin Fetchit” bob and weave from office to office I confronted him, he then told me it was sold last night!!

To say I was peeved would be an understatement after yelling I cleared out the remaining sales people from the showroom I was confronted by the sales manager Bill Keen after asking Ali to leave so I could talk to Keen I then proceeded to explain my unhappiness, you know the old saying “how can you tell when a salesmen lies, etc., etc.” Keen fits that genre perfectly, he promised to have a check cut and mailed out to compensate for my fuel expenditure and would do all he could to find the car we were looking for, I have yet to hear from him. I would like to mention one individual’s integrity and that is Mr. Jimmy Capps, he walked in on my rant and did all he could to calm me down and even followed up a week and one half later to see if I had found a vehicle.

Massey Cadillac used to be a wonderful family run organization, now it is just part of a large conglomerate, so sad. By the way my wife and I have purchase a 2013 Escalade from a dealer that presented itself with honesty and integrity. If you need to shop at Massey by all means see Mr. Capps but stay away from the others I mentioned.

Bill Senick