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04-14-05, 07:32 PM
Hi all,

Anybody has a picture of the left side view of the engine (motor oil filter side) or the back view of the engine. I'm braking my head tracking the CKP connector side of the sensor :banghead: huh!!!!!!!!!!!

Took the car to the mechanic -> :lildevil:..., to do the replacement as well as oil and coolant change and he just decided to split the job cause it was too much work for the day! :annoyed: Wise guy!!!!

It's not easy to be laid off and with a car that craps out every 30 mins :madtalkin !!


04-14-05, 08:48 PM
I've got the procedure scanned, where do you want it sent?

04-14-05, 09:16 PM
Hey Omer,

You can send it to "blucat1998 at yahoo.com" Replace the "at" with the appropriate symbol. Trying to cut on some spam!!

Hey, I already have the factory manuals for my 98 Catera! The manual is obscenely sketchy on this! I hate these 2 dimentional sketches!! Some work some don't.:helpless: !! The sketches are too small and you loose your point of reference.

Hope yours help thoug!!


04-14-05, 11:00 PM
The file's been sent.

If you stear at your engine long enough (that's what I've been doing) you can find your way around it. After replacing my timing belt and rechecking the timing later on, cleaning the injectors etc, I could find my way around the engine with my eyes closed :)

The sensor is right next to the oil filter (I thought it was a knock sensor at first :o), and it shouldn't be super difficult to remove. Just follow the instructions which are very straight forward.

Good luck...

04-14-05, 11:54 PM

Hmm! I'll give it a good stare tomorrow :eek: . How far below the back of the plenum would you say it is? In my factory manual, page 6-104 "Intake Manifold Removal", there's sketch of what the engine looks like with the intake manifold off.

There, right behind the left valve cover, very inconspicuously, there's a connector right below some thin hoses that make a "T". I wonder if that's it.

I see that you changed your timing belt yourself! Geezzz! I got to do mines too pretty soon. I wish I had all the tools, I'd do it in a heart beat!!!!!! My car is not going anywhere so, all I have to loose right now is time!

I'll have to get me a couple of towers and a good jack tomorrow.

04-15-05, 07:29 AM
I haven't checked the location of the connector on mine yet, but it looks like it can be seen from the passenger side, right behind the plenum. Use extra caution not to disturb or break any of these vacuum hose lines as they could trigger that "famous" check engine light :)

04-15-05, 07:29 PM
*** Re-post ***

I found the Crankshaft Pos Sensor connector!! :bouncy: Eureka!!!

Just follow the procedures to remove the wiper vents. This is the plastic right below the wipers. The plastic has a "T30" type screw, if im not mistaken, on the lower left side of it (driver side).

Once that's done remove the wiper arms with a 1/2" socket, put some WD-40 on the bolts, wait a little, then rock the arms back and forth. They'll come right off.

Once that's done there is a rubber seam that's kinda attached to the windshield. The plastic vent cover's edge hides right under that rubber. Uncover the rubber and you'll see "flat/phillip" head type screws, remove those.

The plastic comes right out. It is segmented so.., only a little more than half of it will separate from the windshield. Once removed you'll find much more space to look and get behind the engine.

The sensor is connected to one of the corrugated plastic ducting covered wires that come out of the black plastic rail that sits right above the spark plugs. Look at the end of this black plastic rail going towards the back of the engine. There should be like 4 corrugated plastic ducting comming out of it at the back. The "CPS" wire should be one of the lower small diameter ones.

Once you start wiggling stuff arround you'll see the conenctor. Well, in my case I did see it right away. If for some reason you still have the original mounting fixture there it may still be attached to something back there and you wont immediately see it! Also, there should be a big connector with visible wires in front of the "CPS" connecting wires, there by hiding it too.

In any event the CPS connector should be some where right above the ignition coil. It makes and "S" on it way down to the sensor and it's caught by the oil cooler lines.

To remove mines I'll cut the connector off and just pull the wire down from the sensor side. To put it back just re-route it some where safe, away from the hot manifold, on the left side of the engine only.

Hope you'll see it right away.

04-18-05, 06:05 PM
Actually, the best way of getting rid of the bad sensor is to cut off the sensor side of the cable then pull the wire from the connector side. The oil cooler lines are closer to the bottom and pinch the "crankshaft sensor" wire closer to the bottom. Before cutting the sensor side off, first wiggle the cable with some force so that it loosens up a bit from the its metal heat protecting sheath that it comes with. Also try to straigthen out the cable as much as posible so as to minimise friction at the kink points.

Once that's done, just cut the sensor side off and pull the wire from above the engine with slight force and it'll come off.

I re-routed the my sensor on the left side of the engine only. Make sure you use a path that will definitelly keep the wire away from the hot motor manifold.