: Pics of engine lines

04-13-05, 03:32 PM
I need a picture of the top of engine, mostly vaccum lines. I have to rebuild the whol thinng a need a guide.


04-13-05, 04:05 PM
For what model/year/engine?

I think I have a few of my '93 350 TBI, but not sure if that's what you have.

04-13-05, 05:33 PM
There should be a sticker somewhere under the hood that shows where they all go.

04-13-05, 07:59 PM
Sorry I was on a Pocket PC so it wasnt that easy to type what I needed. I have a 1986 fleetwood. I just need a vaccum diagram for this engine ( 307 engine I think ). I just dont know some of the things that are listed on the diagram. So if anybody can help me out id appreciate it.