: advice on correct coolant temps for 92 eldorado

04-13-05, 01:53 PM
Hello everyone,i'm new here and have owned my eldorado for about 6 years now.As far as i can remember,my coolant temp has always fluxuated to some degree,but i've been having alot of problems with her lately.I just had her in and had the computer,water pump,heads,oxygen sensor,and the egr valve replaced.After i got it back,i started having a coolant leak,so i took it back in and they resealed the timing cover.Since they did that,i've been noticing that the coolant temp is reaching almost 240 degrees.It will slowly get up to the high 230's and then it will quickly come back down to about 200 and then pretty much run between 200 and 215,occasionally rising a little higher.I've asked a mechanic in the past how it should run and he said that it should rise until the fans kick in and then it will come back down,and then just keep repeating that.But the mechanic at the shop i just had her at said the engine should never go above 230.So i don't know who to believe.I checked the radiator and its full of coolant and its not leaking anymore,and seems to be running fine.I would just like to be able to put my mind at rest by knowing the proper temperatures for my car.Thanks so much for the help,i appreciate it very much!!

04-13-05, 06:51 PM
I think the fans kick on at about 225. 240 sounds high for a 4.9.

04-13-05, 07:32 PM
You'll get better answers in the 4.9 or Eldorado forums since it's not a Northstar engine.