: CCW SP600 Wheels - Pic attached

09-23-13, 12:59 AM

Here are my new CCW SP600 wheels in black: front 8.5" x 19" with 245-40 and rear 9.5" x 19" with 275-35's. Unfortunately, I ordered these before I knew Creative Steel was making the trailing arms for more clearance....so if I can figure out how to stuff wider front wheels and tires without worrying about rubbing I might be tempted to go bigger in back like others have done 295-35 on 10.5" wheel.

09-23-13, 02:33 PM
The angle of this pic with the sun is ruining the pic of what are probably cool looking rims.

09-23-13, 04:36 PM
Not only that ^^^, but the rears look like they have more spokes than the fronts. Do they?

09-23-13, 04:48 PM
Not only that ^^^, but the rears look like they have more spokes than the fronts. Do they?
reflection of the back of the spokes on the rotors' face.

09-23-13, 06:21 PM
Can u take more pics of the wheels, can't really see them. Looks like they're great looking wheels. What's the offset?

09-24-13, 05:20 AM
Thanks. Traveling so will post better pics and offset next offset next week.

09-26-13, 05:06 PM
Did you find these used? Never seen them in Black.

09-27-13, 10:20 PM
Same rims I have :) except 19x10 rear


10-08-13, 03:00 AM
Offsets: front 8.5" x 19" (stock 42mm offset, 6.4" backspace, 3.1" outer rim) and rear 9.5" x 19" (50mm offset, 7.25" backspace, 3.25" outer rim)

I've listed the outer rim dimension so that everyone has a reference point from the stock wheels. I don't want any tire vs fender interference with full suspension compression so I went conservatively in the rear. I ordered the wheels before I knew CS was making the trailing arms...now I have plenty of inboard clearance to trailing arms so could probably run 10.5" wide in the rear.