: Steering Gear Broken

04-12-05, 05:40 PM
Well after 500 miles on my new 05 CTS-V I took it for a day on the road for some twisties. I pushed it hard alot and was kinda disappointed at the way the front end didn't stick on hard fast turns. It kept sliding and I was forced to brake. Later that day I found a nice spot to do some donuts on wet pavement. After about three, I noticed I lost my power steering. I checked the belts and fluid and it all checked out fine but power steering was gone and the pump was making noise. I took it to the dealer under warranty and they said they need to replace the steering gear so I'm waiting for that. I was worried the might give me crap about driving hard, but it's a performance car.... or so they say.

Anyone have similar issues?
Where is the steering gear?
What does it do?
Why would it break?
Anyone else lose the front end traction in hard turns?

04-13-05, 12:28 PM
This is a new one to me.

In 7k miles on my car, I have had no handling issues (no issues at all for that matter, except the rear is a bit loud). The car is perfectly balanced, and nuetral in my opinion (understeer vs. overstear). When I have reached the point of traction loss, the car seems to just all wheel float out to the side you are cornering into. If you then get on the throttle, you have controlled oversteer.

This car has unbelievable handling, IMHO, especially for 3800 Lbs.

I think once you get that fixed, you'll be fine. As I said, there have been no other reported instances of this failure type here.


04-13-05, 09:47 PM
I agree with Chris, your the first, so I'm thinking "bad part" not "common problem". Many of us have taken our V's to the track and no problem what-so-ever.

04-13-05, 10:15 PM
i have notice the front tires breaking free before the rears. Kinda sliding a bit at speeds i thought they should stick, although i did increase my PSI and it was at 37-38 on the fronts (hot), when i first got the car they were at 31-32 (hot)and it seems to stick a bit more.


04-13-05, 10:39 PM
Yeah, the front end will push if you go in to a turn way too fast, just give it some gas and the V will rotate very well.

Fortunately you didn't loose the power steering pump entering a high speed turn.

04-15-05, 09:25 PM
Well I just got my car back from the service department. The warranty receipt says...

"No steering assist. Tested power steering pump pressure. Pressure low and pump noisey. Replaced steering pump and found fluid contaminated by pump failure and passed through steering gear and internally damaged steering gear. Replaced power steering pump and power steering gear."

After all that and a week in the shop, the headliner was covered with grease and my alignment is still off. They took the car back and cleaned it up but I didn't notice the alignment until I left. I also noticed more grease on the headliner.

I waited all week to get my car back and they give it to me like this... I'm kinda upset but just happy to have it back.

04-16-05, 07:38 AM
somehow during a PCM flash and wheel replace, the dealer I used to go to greased up my headliner as well.
call the service manager now.
get it replaced.

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05-30-05, 03:29 AM
MORE stupid mechanics. Sure'd be nice to find a shop where the mechanics are there cause they like working on cars and not just there for a friggin paycheck. nobody gives a crap about anyone else these days it seems. Kinda like going to McDonald's these days.. you obviously need a damndegree now to work there cause they sure do make it sem like that's a harder job than launching the space shuttle...... What the heck's gonig on with this country lately?????????:banghead:

10-27-05, 04:52 PM
in the last 2 days my V has started making a strange rubbing noise when turning the wheel. It is accompanied by a slight whine. I popped the hood and turned the wheel and listened for the noise and it sounds like it is coming from somewhere near the belts. Checked power steering fluid it seems to be in there. After the car warms up for a while the noise gets less and less.

Anyone have any ideas? I am obviously going to bring it in to the shop but they are so freaking dumb there I was hoping to have some kind of idea of what it might be before I go in to help direct them.

10-27-05, 05:52 PM
azombie, they will just claim that its normal. Hopefulle they treat you with some respect, like I can never seem to get at the dealer.