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04-12-05, 02:01 PM
Hello everyone! I'm new to the site! First thing I did was go through the 17 pages of posts in the regular V forum and the non-tech forum. I have learned a lot and already have ideas of what I would like to do once I get my CTS-V.

My plan is to get a CTS-V at a dealership auction. I'm looking for a 2005 black on black (will take gray int) w/sunroof and around 4000 miles on it for around $37K. This will take 2-3 months probably. I have many questions but like I said I read most of the past thread so hopefully I won't be re-asking too many questions.

I have an idea of several things I want to purchase for the V....Corsa exhaust, tinted windows, chrome plate my factory rims, GMPD & other emblems, mats, gear shift skip eliminator, etc. Just as a note...the first thing I purchased was a 3 month membership to this site. I just paid for it today so I'm not sure if my membership shows up yet. Hopefully I wont ask to many questions and I hope I can help answer a few myself. Thanks guys!


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04-12-05, 02:21 PM

There are deals to be had, if you are patient, and willing to put in the leg work.

You might also want to look around for a new '04. If you have a few months to kill, put in a standing offer to dealers that still have them (they all seem to be black). Perhaps one will bite on high 30's if they get desperate. Use gmbuypower.com

Good luck,