View Full Version : Oil Leak(s)

89 D'elegance
04-12-05, 09:15 AM
Took my 89 d'Elegance in for an oil leak, found out I have a combination of small leaks (mainly seals) any advise on which ones to fix repair since I do not have the money to do it all at once? Not exactly sure what seals or where its coming from but he is going to clean it up and see where most of it is leaking from at that point. The car runs like a dream its just leaking which happens on these older cars.

89 D'elegance
04-12-05, 02:02 PM
Well they had it on the lift and sprayed it all down underneath to try ot find the leak, no luck so they said just drive it and bring it in in a few days it must be a very slow leak as they let it run for 35 min. on the lift and saw no oil leaks, however they are in my driveway so it does leak somewhere but atleast its nothing major.

04-12-05, 02:18 PM
Chances are it's probably the seal around the bottom of the front of the pan, where the timing cover and oil pan meet, or it might be the rear seal. Either is worth more trouble than fixing it would be.