: Service Engine Soon........Again.

04-12-05, 07:04 AM
My check engine light came on again so I took my car to autozone to have it scanned. It gave me code P0411 (seconday air injection system incorrect flow) Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? I checked the connections of all sensors that I could find and they all seem fine. The car seems to run fine. The only thing I noticed is it idles a little high (600 - 900 rpm). Any help is much appreciated.

04-12-05, 08:40 AM
I had the same problem. The secondary air injection is the system that injects air in to the exhaust manifolds when the engine is cold in order to help burning not burned gas to reduce emissions and warm catalitic converters sooner to get them work faster. It's located in front of the left front wheel in the fender. It's nothing but an air pump like the ones in any vacuum cleaner. You need to make sure that the motor is fine, the switches, check valve etc.

In my case the check vale was bad and it was sending hot exhaust gases to the pump, and the water in the gas got accumulated in the pump and ruined it.

The new pump runs about $250, but same year BMW air pumps are actually the same ones only its electric connector is different. I used an BMW model for $160 and changed the rear cover where the connector located. It fit right in and has been running just fine for 6 months.

But you need to check the pump & check valve to make sure they are alright. If you need it I can send the procedure in pdf format.

04-12-05, 12:41 PM
Thanks for your promptness. Iíll check the pump and check valve this evening and ensure that they are operating correctly. I appreciate the advice.

04-13-05, 10:00 PM

I got the pdf file ready, let me know if you still need a copy.

04-14-05, 08:17 AM
Please send it to n*v*o*g*e*l1981 at hotmail (just remove the *)

04-14-05, 08:50 AM
It's been sent.

Good luck.