: 2001 Deville hesitates while accelerating

09-21-13, 09:51 AM
The deville seems to hesitate while accelerating. I changed the spark plugs but don't know the problem please help

09-21-13, 10:10 AM
Just above this post is a thread - a "sticky" - titled "How to pull codes" from your car's built-in diagnostic code system. Study and use the proper year/model procedure, write down all codes found - they read out as a letter and 4 digits followed by Current or History - and then return to the sticky to open the link to all OBD-II code definitions. Decipher all your codes and post it all here.

Your engine takes AC Delco #41-987 Platinum spark plugs - for some reason Northstars do not like other types/brands (DENSO and AC Delco, in these plugs, are one and the same.) Did you check the coil cassettes for cracks at the coil towers, and did you clean and check the boots for carbon tracking ?

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