: Need Your Help/Assistance.......

04-11-05, 07:28 PM
When I first came on this messageboard I was browsing the many threads and came across a member who had a FWB like mine (which is a 85) and he had a dynamic aftermarket steering wheel (wood and red leather, with a huge Caddillac emblem in the middle). I've done all kinds of searches on here and could never find the picture or member. I live in Ohio and it's hard finding aftermarket products for my Caddy, so if any body knows the member or knows of a site that sells aftermarket steering wheels, would be a great help. Most of the sites I have seen are only geared for the late model Caddy's.

Again Thanks for any assistance.

04-12-05, 02:42 AM
Cadillacking.com or the classifieds on this website man, I got hooked up with the whole back piece for my '85, for cheap too.:D

04-12-05, 07:51 AM
hey 216caddypimp. where in cleveland are you located

04-12-05, 03:58 PM
hey 216caddypimp. where in cleveland are you located

I'm a West-side ryder :)