: Buzzing and ringing...

04-11-05, 05:44 PM
I was looking at a friends '93 STS today because he has this weird, high pitched "buzz-ringing" sound coming from his power steering pump or in that general area. When I shut the car off, the sound faded away as though there is some sort of pressure leak-down.

At first I though it was the AC compressor, but the sound is more or less on the upper end of the engine.

The only reason I ask is because I have never heard such an annoying sound from anything other than my alarm clock, so any advice on the situation would be appreciated.

Also, what are the trouble code definitions for a '93 Northstar STS?

Thanks :cool:

04-11-05, 10:04 PM
Here are the OBDI definitions.
The noise could be an idler pully bearing or a tensioner pully bearing.

04-12-05, 12:39 PM
I'm thinking right off you're probably right about the A/C leak down after engine shut down. The pressures of the high and low sides equalize when the compressor shuts down. This takes place in two places ... the compressor and the hose where the orifice tube resides. The latter is on the upper side of the engine. But he may also have a combination of power steering noise from a low fluid condition and the A/C equalizing when the engine stops.

Noises are the most obnoxious/obscene issues IMHO. I'm beginning the hear the crickets of a tensioner and/or idler pulley. Will it never end?