: Good News And bad news!

04-11-05, 05:31 PM
I took my car to the shop today, bottom line:

Bad News: $55.00 for high pressure hose, $50.00 for low pressure hose, Im happy about that price, according to the parts manual OEM equipment for it would have been $135.00 alone for the high pressure line, highway robberry. Total is going to $300.00 bucks, including the 3.5 hours of labor it will take to perform the change.

When i started it up in the driveway, after having it last been moved two days ago, it took two tries to fire it up. I turned it the first time about 4-5 seconds with no luck, fired up on the second time after a 4-5 second try. Then, for some strange reason, when I was at the shop, the guy started it up and some blow by blew out the exhaust, WTF?! Blow by, how the hell do I have blow by, I have never seen this on my car before, unless this has to do with the service engine light, too much fuel??? All this after the car was driven 10 miles to the location.

Good news: They said my spark plugs werent origional, which is good for me. It means my car has had a tune up at some point, or a partial tune up. Next thing to do after I save some money, boost valve and sleeve replacement. I was told when I first bought my car, the water pamp was replaced because the bolts were origional, so I'm feeling a little bit better. :)