: Just REJEX'ed the whole dam car

04-10-05, 08:58 PM
Ok... been using Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax from day one and love it. I decided to go with polymer from day one. Well, I have been using REJEX on my rims and yes, it does make a difference with the brake dust and no pitting. After 4 months, the REJEX'ed rims bead more than the car! :worship:

So, after reading a couple of post on the ZO6 forum on REJEX, and reading about the Car&Drive article about REJEX, I decided to REJEX the whole car today, from top to bottom. First, applying the REJEX is no big deal, easy like everything else. I let it dry and haze over... and when it came time to take it off... oh my, it was the easiest wax I ever took off. And what they say about the relective properties in REJEX being the best, yup, no kidding... way better than Meguiar's Polymers.

The only difference I found between Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax and REJEX is Meguiar will take out fine scratches... where REJEX will not... it must be a pure polish then.

I will post how the car with REJEX looks like in 4 months.

04-10-05, 09:03 PM
Pretty funny, Homes......I decided to do the spring paint "luvin" today too. I had the Rejex and the Meguiars side by side on the shelf; thought about giving rejex a try on the whole car.....but opted for the Meguiars instead.

I'm looking forward to your Rejex update in August.


04-11-05, 10:20 AM
You really don't have to wait until August. I've been using Rejex on the entire car now for about 10 months. I wouldn't use anything else. As you know, with the wheels you just have to use a cloth to clean them up quickly. But the same is true on the entire car.

I wash the car about once a week and I Rejex about once a month. I use an orbital buffer to both put it on and take it off. It really doesn't take a lot of time.

BTW, DON'T do both wax and Rejex. Bad mix. You'll lose the brilliant shine you get with Rejex.

04-11-05, 10:56 AM
i rejex my car last week. Its good but i think theres better. I guess i expected more shine. It good...but didnt set the world on fire.

04-11-05, 11:43 AM
Rejex is fine by itself. I found that it fogs the paint when you use other cleaners or wax. I didnt like that, never saw anything like it.

Harley Guy
04-11-05, 12:44 PM
I have not seen Rejex so I should probably stay out of this, but I did my daughter's black Scion TC with Zaino's products this weekend and if there is a better shine I haven't seen it. I did my Platinum V last fall and the shine is still great.