View Full Version : Stock wheels with F1's...

04-10-05, 12:21 PM
for sale/trade to someone that I can drive and meet.

Better than 70% tread (I'll measure if you wish) and this is the set of rims I picked up to have black powder coated.

Here's my thinking.

Some of you within driving distance of me (Reno, NV) must have a stock wheel (or 4) with an F1 mounted (or not) and a TPS installed...but rather than have these tires unmounted from these rims I'll hook up with you and we can trade rims and you can "buy" the tires for a VERY decent price.

I'm OK if your wheels have minor surface imperfections, as these will be stripped and powdercoated gunmetal gray.

PM me if interested...oh yeah, I should have put this in classifieds...my bad.

Wild :burn: out