: Wanna part with something you despise??

04-10-05, 04:38 AM
A couple months ago, I asked if anyone had F1s with some tread available. I'm dying to put some race rubber on the stockers and get 19"s. Well, I plan on that for next month. Unfortunately, my fronts are well past the wear bars and will be showing cords if I don't get them off of there.

I have a spare with a new F1 and have an unmounted F1 ready as well. So....does anyone have a couple with at least 30% tread????? I'll pay a little something for them.

04-10-05, 08:59 AM
i do, 2 of mine aren't so bad....but my HREs are still about 5 weeks away. If you can wait that long I'll have them dismounted and sell em to ya

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04-10-05, 09:24 AM
Yeah, I'll have 4 with about 70% tread when my iForged wheels get here. Hopefully about 4-6 weeks away.


04-10-05, 11:48 AM
bigjim -

I do...PM me a reminder please so I don't forget to check them out at work Monday. They were my original set of fronts, and if I recall correctly, they had about 30% left.

12-23-07, 06:37 PM
So much for 19s. But I'm happy with my 18" PS2s...