: Town Cars suck.

04-10-05, 04:35 AM
Well, I decided to take today off since it was so nice. And I needed to get to work detailing the Town Car. Winter came early in New England this year and did not relinquish its hold until the last couple of weeks.

The Town Car has really looked dull since I never got a chance to give it one last good waxing before winter. And in the winter, I hit the car wash everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day. So, I washed it, debugged it, clayed it, hit it in spots with a strong polishing followed up by a mild polishing all over, and waxed it twice. Only problem was, I applied a little too much wax on the second coat. So I gave it a very light 3rd coat. Add in all the doorjams, windows and interior cleaning, what I thought was going to be a 3 hour affair turned into 9.

AND I own 2 polishers so I did most of it by machine. My god, my back kills.

If it were the V, it probably would've taken 1/3 the time. One because I am more anal with the V and its half the size. The V gets a couple coats next weekend. Pass the Tylenol.

04-10-05, 06:44 AM
Holy S**T!
I don't think I've ever spent more than 2-3hrs on ANY car I've detailed and some of them have been in terrible shape.

04-10-05, 04:44 PM
Yeah, my **** brother said he was going to come by and give a hand in the late afternoon, but he called back and said his wife was a little tired and wanted to stay home and for him to stay as well. I had taken it easy for a bit as I waited for him. So when he told me, I got a little pissed.

After a while I was losing focus and getting pissed rather easily. I ended up getting in a bad position and torqued my back pretty badly. But I needed to finish yesterday and it probably doubled my time from then on. I'm a walking zombie today.