: Details on what a V4P car really has?

04-10-05, 12:29 AM
Ok, we probably should break this up some.

1994-1996 LT1 Powered
1993 350 350 TBI Powered
1990-1992 350 TBI Powered

What I do know by looking at my 94 V4P:
1. 3.42 8.5" axle
2. External Trans Oil Cooler
3. In radiator Engine Oil Cooler
4. Braces (well maybe, it should be on all models. : Front crossmemnber to lower control arm to frame
5. Firmer shifting transmission?
6. Specific code springs (stiffer)
7. HD rear sway bar, std front swaybar
8. Mechanical fan, and secondary electric fan

Anyone know for the other year cars? The only think I am aware is the 3.73 gears were the towing gears.

Maybe even older than the years I have listed?

How many owners of V4P cars are on this list??

04-10-05, 09:47 AM
I know my engine oil cooler is in the rad also. I don't recall if I have a trans cooler but I don't think so. My car has the braces to the framwe also...

Does your car have two electric fans and the mechanical one? A normal lt1 94-96 have two electric fans...

04-10-05, 01:59 PM
I have the 350 TBI in my 90, so does that mean I'm a V4P driver? I know I have:

350 TBI (obviously)
In-radiator engine oil cooler and trans fluid cooler
3.08 rear-end
700-R4 vs the 200-4R standard until 93

that's about all I know.


04-10-05, 04:09 PM
Pre 1994 the V4P (7000# Towing option) all cars came with 3.73's. In 94-96 with LT1's, they got 3.42's. Check your SPID for option code V4P to see if you have it.

V4P cars will have external coolers, which were available often without the V4P option, but std with the V4P.

So being you have 3.08's (factory I assume), you don't have a V4P. Another way to tell, lousy gas mileage compared to a non V4P car....

Mine has the Mech fan. I hope to ditch it this summer and go to dual electrics. I have the secondary electric though. Maybe if I get some track time in I can do a run or 2 with the Mech fan and then pull the belt for some other runs and see.

Base cooled cars only have one electric fan (likely all Cads have both thought) on the LT1.

The braces were even on the 70-81 F cars, at last on T/A's (which is RPO WS4 w/ or w/o the WS6 option) and on Camaro's with RPO Z28 option. Bu on my 301 Turbo it had a shorter brace that didn't connect the lower control arm to the crossmember,it only connected the lower A arm to the frame rail. And often removed and left out during oil changes, asit had to be removed for a 301 oil filter change.