: OnStar Route Guidance: Male/Female

04-09-05, 12:49 PM
I have had OnStar for 3 years now, and have frequently used it for route guidance in unfamiliar areas.

Over this time it has seemed to me and my wife that the male OnStar operators tend to be much quicker and more precise about giving directions than the female operators. I have no desire whatever to be unfair about this, but am just honestly curious whether anyone else has noticed the same thing.

Or, for that matter, the opposite thing, or no difference.

I am wondering if this might be one of those right-brain/left-brain phenomena. For instance, I am more comfortable with "map grid" directions, while my wife prefers "go straight/turn right/turn left" directions.

Dave's V
04-09-05, 01:13 PM
Personally, I would never use On Star route guidence when I have a good Nav System. It isn't worth the extra $18 a month. I'm debating if On Star is even worth $16 a month.

04-09-05, 08:17 PM
While coming back from Danville, VA (was at VIR Race Track), I needed gas in the middle of no-where... I was on fumes and the locate gas feature was no help... called OnStar, girl came on and stayed on directing me to the nearest gas station off the main road... would have never found it on my own, she was good and fast.

04-10-05, 05:48 AM
Hmmm, I have an opposite story from above & the God's truth.

Past December I did road trip in my new 05 V to Dallas so i mixed it up, V fun on a business trip. Anyway, i came into Dallas from the west side & Ive only been to Dallas once before & that was by air, so really did not know the area at all. There was a bad wreck on I-20 just about 20 minutes out from Dallas that had traffic backed up for miles, so i push the Onstar button & have them call the Dallas-Hilton (by jefferson tw & Dallas fw) where i had previously a week earlier made reservations. After confirming all at hotel everything seemed to be ok. Well hmm it went to crap fast after spending almost 5 hours at a standstill on I-20, waiting for them to clean up the wrecks, wreckers, ems ect... im running 2 to 3 hours behind & it is almost 1:30am now, which is ok because after using onstar the hotel said all is good, we will hold the room.. I had the addresses punched in the Navigator so i follow it.. jeezus, straight into hell and it was so far wrong, i will never trust it again. So i get Onstar on the phone, righ slab in the middle of a Dallas freeway, give them the street addy and crossroads, it was a Female on the line.. She stays with me takes me almost 15 miles out towards Ft. Worth direction to a whole different area with the same street name, no numbers matched, im getting pissed and worried so i ask her where the hell am I? What happened? I thought you guys have gps, blah blah sattelite stuff, ya know... You'll never believe this, the &*^^% hung on up me. She put me on hold, but did NOT hit the button & i could hear her asking someone else faintly in the background questions and i heard the other lady laugh and she came back on, said my name, laughs slightly, then CLIK!! Let tell you something, i was so freaking pissed off by then i could have ripped that entire Onstar system out of the car barehanded and beat it with a 50 pound sledgehammer:rant2: . :banghead: After that i hit the button again, i man comes on, like always say "Hello Mr. your name, how can we help you", at this time im sitting a stop & rob, middle of Dallas Texas, and now it is 3 am.. He gets a earrful of about what happened & he says i'll get you to your destination & stay with you. Im like, ok great lets go.. All goes well and i finally arrive. You'll never guess what happens then.. Yep, you got it.. The Hilton jefferson had changed shifts & did not tell there relief that i was going to be late so they cancelled my reservations. After all i went thru, plus all the in between crap, i did not mention that happened, then this sh*t & i am so tired, stressed & wanting to choke someone by now.. After about 45min and raising hell with the manager i finally get a room on the 18th floor was not the suite i had reserved but when you was as tired as i was any bed felt good.
I will never drive to Dallas again or will i ever stay at a Hilton or any of there chains.. never never.. :helpless: :helpless:


04-12-05, 12:09 AM
If you have a cell phone and Cadillac's Roadside Service 800 # - why pay for onstar? Don't let GM's inspired fear-creating commercials get to you. Life was pretty good before Onstar and $240 a year cheaper. That'll buy one tire.

04-12-05, 01:28 PM
If you have a cell phone and Cadillac's Roadside Service 800 # - why pay for onstar?

(1) If you have a breakdown and don't know exactly where you are along a highway, OS can send roadside service precisely to you.

(2) If you are in an accident and are incapacitated, OS can send help when it receives an alert from your airbags.

(3) If you get certain kinds of weird signals from the car - sounds, responses, "check engine", or temp-gauge twitch, it's helpful to have OS do an instant engine diagnostic.

(4) When my wife is out alone on a drive somewhere, I'm more comfortable that she's just a buttonpush away from help in a problem situation.

With the CTS-V (which has a nav system), I have just the basic OS emergency subscription. With our non-nav 2002 ETC I have the route-guidance as well, hence my original question in this thread.