: 86 fleetwood (RWD) - Rough Idle / Vaccum

04-08-05, 02:31 PM
Ive seen a few post like this but no of them have been really answered so I hope my thread is a little different =) .

I have a 86 Fleetwood (RWD) that has a very rough idle and when the gas is applied the car will sputter down and no go anywhere. I removed the air pump and EGR stuff from the engine the other day and I dont think that should be the problem........but I also removed some of the vaccum lines..(dont ask.....). So does anyone have a picture or a diagram of their cars vaccum hoses that I could take a look at to reconstruct this thing or am I screwed beyond belief ? If I have to replace the carb or something that is an option im willing to do but for now, ID just rather have this thing running instead of sitting =(