: New Zaino Z8... Anybody try this on the V yet?

04-08-05, 01:10 PM
Zaino released a Z8 spray wax meant to repalce Z7 in SOME cases.. Anyone try this yet?

Zaino Show Car Polish Releases Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal
Howell, NJ (April 5, 2005): Zaino Show Car Polish ("Zaino") announced the release of a revolutionary new detail spray identified as "Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal." Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal represents the epitome of Zaino's industry-leading polymeric technology, and promises to raise the bar for all detail sprays.

"Traditional detail sprays utilize ancient technology," said Sal Zaino, president and founder of Zaino Show Car Polish. "Grand Finale is completely new and unlike anything you've ever seen. Think of it as Z-6 [a quick detail spray from Zaino] on steroids."

Boasting more than twenty-five new technologically advanced ingredients including specialized polymeric protectants and robust optical enhancers, Grand Finale excels where other detail sprays fall short.

Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal was designed to work in conjunction with existing Zaino Show Car Polishes, such as Z-2 PRO, Z-3 and Z-5. Beta testers have reported weeks of increased shine and improved durability from a single application of Zaino Grand Finale, but Sal Zaino warns that Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal isn't for everyone.

"It's an amazing product, but it's not going to be for everyone. We specifically designed this product for the most discriminating detailer - the pickiest of the picky," he said. "Ideally, Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal will be used before an important car show, when the user requires additional shine, depth and gloss. Or, it might be used prior to a road-trip, as Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal offers incredible durability and slickness."

Zaino suggests that Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal only be used for special occasions, and that for normal day-to-day detailing duties users continue to utilize Zaino Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray. According to Sal Zaino, the Z-8 Grand Finale has far too many specialized polymers to justify it for daily use. The polymers provide enhanced optical qualities, along with additional durability and slickness. Z-8 Grand Finale does not replace Z-6 Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray, Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal takes detailing to the next level.

The increased durability and slickness offer additional protection against such items as: bugs and bug stains, environmental fallout, harsh winter elements, UV damage from sunlight, and more. Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal also includes a unique dust repellant to help keep vehicles cleaner, for longer periods of time.

Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal is incredibly easy to use. The user simply sprays a small amount of product on a cool, dry surface, then buffs the surface to a streak-free, super slick, and extremely glossy finish. And thanks to Zaino's revolutionary polymeric protection system, Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal will "lock in" that show car shine for weeks.

In direct, head-to-head competition between Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal and four other quick detail sprays, Zaino easily came out on top in categories for: gloss, shine, depth, reflectivity, clarity, and durability. "We didn't design it to be like other quick detail sprays," said Sal Zaino. "We designed it to be the best, and we're confident that it is."

Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal is available now at Zaino's online store (www.zainostore.com), by telephone at 888-999-9870, or through authorized Zaino distributors. Technical questions or media inquiries should be directed to: 732-833-8800.

Sounds interesting to me...


04-08-05, 01:14 PM
watch this thread for what the Corvette gang says....so far nobody there has used it yet

they're even more fanatical about waxes than us :)

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04-08-05, 03:37 PM
Just a long marketing ad, nothing too impressive to me.

Griot's Garage just came out with a detailing sealant as well. It seems to be the "new thing" in the world of car care. I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. To me, it's like Valentine 1 touting the new POP detection in their new detectors. For years, they discredited the use of POP radar and a select few know how to defeat this type of radar in court. But they finally broke down and included it to their protection. Why? Because the public was focused on POP. Everyone else was touting that they detect POP. V1 kept explaining why this POP was a farce. But hey, if people out there actually buy Rocky Mountain Radar because their box o' wires has a slick money-back guarantee(also bogus), then they will fall for POP.

Which brings me back to this detailing spray. It seems that people are drawn to the detailing spray. If Zaino and Griot's Garage doesn't follow suit, they lose customers to the lesser "Parts Store" brands. If you are anal like me, existing products supplied by Zaino and Griot's Garage will take care of any and all situations.

04-08-05, 03:39 PM
Just got mine UPS today...will be using it this wknd. Ill post results next week.