: OK, tired of Headgasket worry...

STS 310
04-08-05, 12:25 AM
BBOB, I know you have said this, but really, what do you think the number of units (N* engines) are really giving problems as a percentage?

We see a lot of "members" talking of problems, but are they just the "illmaintained northstars"?

Am I just succumbing to the "panic"? I maintain my powerrplant as suggested to the manual, and of course YOU.

I dont drive with the thinking that I might blow a gasket, but damn give some reassurance.

I know you are the man so.....

Tell me again about the N* and its durability. A pacifier if you will.

It may be redundent, but please....

I remain slackjawed at its performance.

Loyal N* owner.


04-08-05, 07:31 PM
You are suffering from internet forum hypochondria. Step away from the computer. Quit reading about the same problem over and over. Doing this is causing you to obcess over the supposed problem.

If you are maintaining the cooling system and such then you are doing all you can do. If it is going to fail eventually it will anyway. Likely it will not. Either way, there is nothing more you can do. Drive it and forget about it. If it happens you can fix it. It is infinitely repairable. You have read about it.

Find another hobby...??? Read other websites....??? Remember the hypochondria problem brought on by reading about others problems. All the other Northstars are out there driving around happily...several million of them. The few that have problems always show up on the forum. This forum only represents a few thousand of the millions of engines out there. Relax.

I was really happy with my current motorcycle until I stumbled across an internet forum dedicated to it. Now that I have read of all the problems others are having with it I am afraid to ride it...LOL LOL True story. Ignorance is bliss.

Rest easy with the understanding that you know all about it so even if it does happen you can deal with it.